Destination Detroit : Motor City Wine

Spotlighting a place in Detroit chosen by the DJ providing the guest mix. Always support local.

What is your favorite place in Detroit?

06.07.2020 / Brent Scudder

motor city wine sign

“I’d have to say Motor City Wine! I’ve been going there since their old location. When they moved they were above the Grand Trunk Pub which I think is now the Whiskey Parlor or something, that used to be Motor City Wine, then they moved across from The Works. It was pretty cool to see that, because they definitely have a nicer venue now. They have an outdoor patio and everything. One thing I like about that spot is that it tends to be a nicer, more mature, more there for the music or a good time kind of crowd. Not the “I’m only going here to be seen here” or people going somewhere to start trouble… people are really there just for a good time. All the wine is really good too.” – Brent Scudder

To learn more about what is going on at Motor City Wine, check out their website here.