Veggie Super Burrito from El Taquito Taco Truck – Garrison Briggs

Recipes by Request : a play on what happens during a DJ’s set… combining my love of cooking with the featured guest DJ.


Background Story:

I was told by one of my old coworkers and good friend from when I worked at The Fillmore that the best Mexican food in Detroit is at this taco truck, so I had to check it out and she was correct! For $5 you can get the most amazing veggie burrito that is the size of a baby… it’s like two meals and it’s right by the Salvation Army so you can go thrifting and then smash on a bomb burrito.


  1. Head to El Taquito Taco truck at 1930 Military St. Detroit, MI 48209
  2. Order Super Veggie Burrito
  3. Enjoy!